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Think you may like to model?

Body paint modeling is not like ordinary modeling.  It's harder.  You would have to remain fairly still and pretty bored!   That means no cell phone and at some points in the process, no talking.  It can be cold and not always comfortable but all my models report that it was well worth it for the awesome photos and the experience of being a living, breathing work of art as abstract or as an amazing fantasy character!!!! 

If you are thinking about getting painted by anyone, please make sure that they are only using body paint and that they are treating you with the respect you deserve as a canvas and as a professional. 

There have been MANY reports of people using everything from felt markers to car paint.  None of these belong on the body and are not FDA compliant or safe.  As a model your skin and your body are your tools of the trade.  Don't let anyone use or abuse you.

Still interested?  Go to the contact page!   'Casting' is subjective and meant to fit a 'role' just like TV.  Every canvas is beautiful and although you may not be picked, it is likely because you did not fit the 'character' being cast.  Gigs range from just fun photos or trying out new ideas and are TFP, some require public appearences and are paid.  Let me know what interests you!

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