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Artist and Model FAQ

Body painting as a fun artform is growing both in popularity and recognition.  This has been 'a thing' in Europe for over a decade in the dance clubs, advertising and party scene and now in North America, it's moved from only biker rallies to mainstream advertising, entertainment and even TV programs such as Naked Vegas, Face Off and Skin Wars!  With this fantastic new acceptance has also come the dark side of unsafe and toxic paint being used by unscrupulous and unprofessional 'artists' taking advantage of upcoming models and young ladies.  This is an actual profession and although it's a fun one, it is a serious artistic undertaking where the health and comfort of the model is paramount.  If you are a model, stay safe and ask questions.  If you are a purchaser or promotor, ensure anyone you hire for your event is actually a real service using real products.  And don't forget...check out the porfolio and look for quality and make sure they are not just copied off the web...that the artist you think you are hiring is the one you get.   


We use only professional body makeup (body paint) and Kim Brennan has taken classes with some of the most recognized names in the face and body painting industry while teaching at conventions such as FABAIC and FABA as well as being a FABAtv personality herself.    Still want to know more about the possibility of becoming a model or about the artist?  Click below!


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